Property Bookkeeping Software

Data management is often the dividing factor between unsuccessful and profitable firms. At Computex, we provide our clients with 24-hour access to pertinent resident information. Our property management software gives our clients the freedom to generate almost any type of report and gather accurate information. The technology we use on a daily basis gives us the versatility to generate individual reports and serve the needs of our clients.

Keep Up to Date with Our Landlord Bookkeeping Software

Our unique software tracks your residents information and many of your property’s unique aspects. Leveraging our platform and our dedicated personnel, our clients can easily:

  • Access to our Full Software Platform
  • Easily Check and Track Resident Court Actions & Balances
  • View Customized Bookkeeping Records
  • Continually Store Old Tenancy Records
  • Access Reports Online 24/7 through our Client Portal from Any Computer or Smartphone Device

Software Options, Fit to Your Business

  • We post all rents and resident charges while providing access to our full platform. Let us do the heavy lifting, to make it easy for you.  You can save time and money and offer your residents the benefits of online payments.
  • Export/Import between our software platform and yours. We understand change can be hard, and you may be used to your current platform.  You can have the benefits of our full bookkeeping services, while the data is exported directly into your program in real time.
  • If you are already handling the rent posting, or have a team in place, we can offer our software through our licensing agreement for you and your staff members. Take advantage of a great platform, designed to handle rent collection and manage court actions.

Managing property requires up-to-date information to move through each step of the court process effectively and efficiently. Turn to our team for an innovative property management solution that will simplify your operations and help you grow as a property manager.

Contact us for more information regarding our bookkeeping software. We proudly serve property owners all throughout the state of New Jersey.